Taste of Staffordshire Contemporary Pub of the Year 2012

Home cooked food using the freshest ingredients...

Deli Sharers for Two
FISH smoked salmon, chilli and coriander baked mussels, mackerel pâté, battered haddock goujons and homemade flatbread   £12.95
SIZZLING CRISPY DUCK on a hot skillet with hoi sin sauce, shredded spring onions, cucumber and pancakes   £13.95
PUB CLASSICS smoked pulled pork with crackling and apple, poached Scotch egg, battered haddock soldiers with tartare dip, bacon crisps with guacamole, bbq chicken wings   £13.95
VEG DELI SHARER coarse pea pâté on toasted sour dough with black olive tapenade, curried cauliflower fritters with mint yoghurt, cajun sweet potato chips, mushroom spring rolls, garlic, olive and sun dried tomato foccacia with dips, soft cheese and sweet chilli shots with croutons   £12.95
JAPANESE smoked salmon sushi roll, baked coconut crab buns, tempura king prawns, teriyaki chicken and crispy beef in lettuce wraps   £13.95
WILD MUSHROOMS in garlic sauce wrapped in a filo pastry parcel with leaves and Parmesan shavings   £5.95
SMOKED MACKEREL FISH CAKES with chilli, lemon grass and a Thai soy dip   £6.75
SHREDDED LAMB SHOULDER with spinach and feta cheese in a puff pastry case and mint dressing   £6.95
HOMEMADE SEASONAL SOUP with rustic bread   £4.95
HOMEMADE PORK AND BEEF MEATBALLS with toasted sour dough bread and rich tomato sauce   £5.95
HALF A PINT OF MUSSELS AND BROWN SHRIMPS poached in brown ale stock with garlic focaccia bread   £6.45
CRISPY TEMPURA BEEF With sticky soy and ginger dressing, mixed leaves £7.45  / £13.95
BREADED GOATS' CHEESE mixed leaves with roasted beetroot, orange segments and toasted walnuts £6.95  / £11.95
CAJUN CHICKEN PASTA SALAD with kalamata olives, mung beans, sango radish, tomatoes and baby chick peas £6.95  / £11.95
TERRYAKI SALMON SALAD with coconut, spring onions, ribbon cucumbers and peppers £7.45  / £13.95
CHAR GRILLED CHICKEN CAESAR Cos lettuce, bacon, crispy croutons £6.95  / £11.95
CHAR GRILLED CHICKEN TIKKA SKEWER with mushroom fried rice and Jalfrezi sauce   £12.95
SLOW BRAISED BEEF BRISKET creamy cheddar mashed potato, spinach and roasted carrots with bourguignon sauce   £14.95
HADDOCK FILLET IN BEER BATTER pea purée, hand cut chips   £11.95
WILD MUSHROOM, WATERCRESS AND BLUE CHEESE QUICHE with a warm green vegetable salad   £10.95
ROASTED LINE CAUGHT COD LOIN broad bean risotto, crushed minted pea purée with red pepper sauce and crispy pancetta   £14.95
CHICKEN, HAM AND LEEK PIE short crust pastry, hand cut chips, seasonal vegetables and rosemary cream sauce   £12.95
PAN SEARED GRESSINGHAM DUCK BREAST savoy cabbage, sautéed new potatoes, parsnip purée with blueberry sauce and parsnip crisps   £15.95
SLOW ROASTED BELLY PORK black pudding, sweet potato mash, chantenay carrots, spinach and apple sauce   £14.95
PAN FRIED SEA BASS FILLETS with seasoned new potatoes, chorizo, peppers, olives, coriander and broccoli served with tomato and lobster bisque   £15.95
28 DAY AGED FILLET STEAK baked field mushroom, grilled plum tomato, hand cut chips and homemade onion rings   £21.95
HOMEMADE STAFFORDSHIRE BEEF BURGER melting Swiss cheese, tomato, mayonnaise, lettuce, hand cut chips   £11.45
28 DAY AGED RIBEYE STEAK baked field mushroom, grilled plum tomato, hand cut chips and homemade onion rings   £17.95
BEEF EN CROUTE fillet steak and mushroom duxelles wrapped in filo pastry with braised red cabbage, fondant potato, baby carrots, with merlot wine sauce   £16.95
RATATOUILLE WITH ROASTED BUTTERNUT SQUASH baked in red wine served with a garlic flat bread   £10.95
GARLIC AND ROSEMARY LAMB RUMP on a potato rosti, with ribboned vegetables, wilted spinach, chantenay carrots and red currant sauce   £16.95
CHARGRILLED CHICKEN BREAST WITH SMOKED PAPRIKA green vegetables, sautéed new potatoes and lemon and ginger sauce   £12.95
Add a sauce for £1.95 / Peppercorn, Diane, garlic and herb butter, Merlot red wine  
We have coeliac and vegetarian menus available, please ask your server for details  
Breads and Nibbles
MARINATED OLIVES Mixed olives, fresh herbs and garlic   £3.95
RUSTIC BREAD A selection of freshly baked breads from our local baker   £3.95
DEEP FRIED BREADED WHITEBAIT With chilli salt dressing and garlic mayonnaise   £3.95
FRIED NACHO CHIPS with jalapeno chillies, cheese sauce, sour cream and salsa dips   £3.95
PIZETTE Flatbread, melted mozzarella cheese, tomato and caramelised onions   £4.95
BREADED FRIED CHICKEN WINGS with a piri piri dip   £4.95
Stone Fired Pizza
BARBEQUE CHICKEN Mushrooms, onions, red and green peppers   £9.95
CRISPY DUCK Hoi sin sauce, spring onions, shredded cucumber   £10.95
MARGHERITA tomato, melting mozzarella, fresh basil leaves   £7.95
CHORIZO AND PEPPERONI jalapeno peppers, red onion   £9.95
BLUE CHEESE black olives, cherry tomatoes, fresh rocket leaves   £9.95
CAJUN BEEF green peppers, red onions, sour cream drizzle   £10.95
GOATS’ CHEESE spinach, mushrooms, red onion   £9.95
All pizza can be served as a calzone  
Side Dishes
STONE FIRED FLATBREAD TOPPED WITH GARLIC (add melted mozzarella cheese £4.45)   £3.95

We have coeliac and vegetarian menus available, please ask your server for details.

All of our food is freshly cooked to order. We use local meat and fish from sustainable sources wherever possible.
We cannot guarantee that any dish will be free from traces of nuts.
An optional service charge of 10% may be added to the bill for parties of 8 or more.

All of our desserts are homemade  
SWEET SHARER FOR TWO Sitcky toffee pudding with vanilla ice cream, dark chocolate and brandy truffles, chocolate cheesecake with honeycomb, chai panna cotta and toasted pecan nuts, sorbet, vanilla crème brulee with lavender shortbread biscuits   £14.95
VANILLA CREME BRULEE with lavender shortbread bicuits   £5.95
CHOCOLATE CHEESECAKE with honeycomb and white chocolate sauce   £6.45
CHAI SPICED PANNA COTTA with honey poached pear and roasted pecan nuts   £6.45
CHOCOLATE BROWNIE served with chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream   £6.45
DARK AND WHITE COOKIE DOUGH with vanilla ice cream   £5.95
WARM STICKY TOFFEE PUDDING with toffee sauce and vanilla ice cream   £6.45
ICE CREAM AND SORBET SELECTION in a homemade brandy snap basket   £4.75
(please ask your server) Our ice creams come from the award winning Cheshire Farm  
CHEESE SLATE Shropshire blue, Ford Farm cave aged traditional cheddar, Tunworth camembert style cheese and wild garlic yarg with artisan biscuits, carrot and sultana chutney and grapes (Add a glass of Cockburn's ruby port for 3.00 each) £7.45  / £13.95
Dessert Wine 125ml175mlBottle
Torres Moscatel Floralis
Trademark aromas of orange blossom, Turkish delight and honeyed fruit
Spain £6.00  £20.00
Coffee and Tea
ESPRESSO A full flavoured, concentrated form of coffee served as a shot in a small cup. Single/ double. £2.00  / £3.00
CAPPUCCINO A single espresso shot topped with equal parts of steamed and frothed milk.   £2.60
LATTE A single espresso shot topped with steamed milk. This drink is not as strong as a cappuccino. (add a flavoured syrup for an extra 45p. Ask your server for our selection).   £2.60
AMERICANO A double shot of espresso lengthened with hot water for a strong black coffee. Ask server if you would like milk.   £2.50
MOCHA A single espresso mixed with a dash chocolate and topped with equal parts of steamed and frothed milk.   £2.75
HOT CHOCOLATE A concentrated shot of chocolate topped with steamed milk and sprinkled with chocolate.   £2.60
TEA We offer a range of teas from traditional English Breakfast to Earl Grey. We also stock a selection of fruit and herb teas. Please ask your server for choice of flavours.   £2.25
LIQUEUR COFFEE Choose from Tia Maria, Courvoisier, Jamesons, Bells, Amaretto or Baileys. If you would prefer a different liqueur or spirit just ask your server.   £4.95
After dinner cocktails
VELVET KISS Baileys, hazelnut liqueur, cream and vanilla sugar syrup shaken on ice   £6.75
BLACKBERRY AND GINGER MOJITO Spiced rum, blackberry liqueur, lime juice and mint churned with ice and topped with ginger beer   £6.45
Laphroaig 10yr old (Islay)   £4.00
Macallan 10yr old (Highland)   £4.45
Talisker 10yr old (Skye)   £4.95
Glenfiddich 12yr old (Speyside)   £3.15
Lagavulin 16yr old (Islay)   £5.45
Scapa 16yr old (Orkney)   £6.00
Nikka Yoichi 15yr old (Japan)   £7.50
Monkey Shoulder blended malt (Speyside)   £3.25
Makers Mark bourbon   £3.15
Woodford Reserve bourbon   £3.50
Courvoisier V.S (Cognac)   £2.70
Remy Martin V.S.O.P (Cognac)   £4.95
Remy Martin X.O (Cognac)   £9.70
Baron de Sigognac 10yr old (Armagnac)   £3.75
Berneroy Calvados   £3.50
Cockburns Ruby   £2.70
Grahams Tawny   £5.45
Fonseca Vintage   £6.95

February Specials

04/02/2016 - 11/02/2016

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